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          -   PhD, Stacy Pershall,

              author of Loud in the House of Myself: Memoir of a Strange Girl     


              MLJ: I’m sitting here with your beautiful paperback edition of Loud in the House of                             Myself: Memoir of a Strange Girl…”


          -   Borderline Personality Disorder Inside and Out –

               “Coping with the Borderline Behaviour of Our Children” by MJ


               How can we as parents cope with our Borderline children or adult children? …”



              Free Sign Up! Track your moods




              “Life Changing Treatment for Women & Girls"





          -   NAMI BLOG:

              Loving Someone with Bipolar Disorder



          - website page:

              “Bipolar - A Discussion on Signs, Symptoms and Treatments”

              By: Dr. Arnold Lieber, MD





          - - Article:

              “Trauma and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder -

              Causes, Symptoms and Treatment Options”

              By: Christina Gregory, PhD





          - website page:

              “Postpartum Depression: A Guide to Common Depression after Childbirth”

              By: Dr. Arnold Lieber, MD



         -   American Psychological Association website:

             Postpartum Depression: “What is postpartum depression & anxiety?  



          -   What to Expect website Article:

              “Recognizing & Treating Postpartum Depression (PPD) Catherine Delahaye/Corbis 

              NOTE: This web page has “Resources For PPD” at the bottom left which is:

               •    Postpartum Support International (800-944-4PPD)

               •    Mental Health America (800-273-TALK)

               •    National Alliance on Mental Illness (800-950-NAMI)”



          -   Parents Magazine Articles on

              “Postpartum Depression”





          -   Attention Deficit Disorder Association (ADDA)

              “Adults with ADHD working together…”


          SERVICE DOGS:

          -   Blog: Attitudes in Reverse

              "How Can You Help Prevent Suicide?

               A Mother Shares The Story Of Her Son’s Death To Save Lives 

                  By: Mary Alice Stephenson





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