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For the last eight (8) years, our funding is totally reliant on what I have been able to sell of my antiques,   collectibles and get donations from friends and family. If you've been helped in any way through our website, pleasae consider going to our "DONATE" TAB and help us continue this valuable servide.


Eventurally, we hope to build a section here for those of you who need to reach out to others who actually understand your challenges. We at understand what you're going through because we've lived it, too!

Every DAY is Mental Health Awareness DAY at Ava’s Corner as we try to help redefine YOUR own “normal” through education, information resources and creative coping skills. As we say, we are helping to redefine "normal" one person at a time…and one minute at a time.


YOUR best normal is what you should strive for (not someone else’s definition of that) and, when life throws you a curve ball, find that new normal for you to try to maintain it.


My normal before Ava’s (my daughter) death was being on the phone with her any time of the day or night helping her stay focused on completing her degree and encouraging her to think past the moment of depression and into a positive future. 


However, my life after that horrific phone call at 6:00 AM on March 23rd changed my“normal” forever. I now struggle with PTSD as a result of 40 years of cumulative angst, pain, anxiety and struggle to help my son help himself to stay alive (he was murdered), help Ava stay alive (she killed herself) and, finally, help my 90+ year old Mom stay alive in her last years.


The difference? As a mother, you ALWAYS have HOPE that prayers, hard work in helping your children, etc. will help them see a brighter tomorrow. When ALL fails and the most important people in your life are all gone…critical support team, best friends, loved ones…some of us struggle hard just to get to the grocery store.


People who don’t really “know” me think I’m strong. Ignorant ones have asked me if my Service Dog, Montana, was one of those “fake” service dogs (like there is such a thing). 


Word of caution! Don’t ask that! Remember, you don’t always “see” who we are but that doesn’t make us whole! It makes us in a constant state of healing.

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